Danny B Harvey -

DANNY B. HARVEY was born in Killeen, Texas and at the age of 6 moved to Catlettsburg, KY. where he first picked up and started playing the guitar. At the age of 15 after moving to Canyon Country, CA. he was fortunate enough to receive his first formal lessons with the great JOE PASS. Up until then he had learned to play by only watching older country guitarists back in Ashland, KY and Huntington WV, falling in love with the guitar style of fellow Kentuckian MERLE TRAVIS. At seventeen he was accepted to USC on a full scholarship to study classical guitar with PEPE ROMERO. Feeling out of place (after all he had only moved away for rural KY. two years earlier) and anxious to make a name for himself he moved to England with LEVI DEXTER after only years of study. Danny soon developed a finger picking guitar style that is very unique and based on his idol MERLE TRAVIS, CHET ATKINS, JOE PASS and his classical-technic he learned at USC.

As a guitarist, producer and composer Danny has played and recorded with such great artists as Levi Dexter, Tim Polecat, Johnny Ramone, Nancy Sinatra, Lemmy Kilmister, Lee Rocker, Slim Jim Phantom and Wanda Jackson

In recent years he has have been performing and recording with the very talented singer Lynda Kay Parker as 1/2 of the Duo called THE LONESOME SPURS. Their first CD was released in the fall of 2006 on Cleopatra records to critical acclaim.

He is also well known as a founding member of the "take no Prisoners" rock'n'roll trio THE HEAD CAT. A band he started in 2001 with Lemmy Kilmister from Motorhead and Slim Jim Phantom from the Stray Cats.


IN recent years Danny B started a Gothabilly Group with Jyrki 69 from the Finish Goth Band 69 EYES which they call The 69 Cats. They have two records out in Cleopatra Records.

The most important new musical project Danny B is involved with his with his new wedded wife Annie Marie Lewis. She is none other than the niece of the "Killer" Jerry Lee Lewis and it was at his concert that Danny B first saw Annie Marie opening the show for the rock'n'roll icon. They have their first duo Cd coming out in the Fall of 2015 and an extensive tour set up . Look for amazing things from this duo DANNY 'n' Annie

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As A film composer Danny has scored and produced a few big studio films including THE RAGE: CARRIE II for MGM as well as some underground films such asBETTIE PAGE: DARK ANGEL

A complete list of his film scores can be found here:
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Danny has also been a member of a few Rockabilly/Rock'n'Roll/Punk bands that were considered influential in their genre, Levi & The Ripchords, The Rockats, Holly Beth Vincent, Trigger & The Thrill Kings, Mad Violets, Twenty Flight Rockers, Wild Frontiers , Honeydippers, The Swing Cats and THE 13 CATS

His complete discography is available here:

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Critics say:

"Harvey mixes chords, sliding runs and open-string chromatic hammer-ons that’ll have you not only thinking of giving up the guitar, but deny you’ve ever even picked one up!“

John Heidt, Vintage Guitar


“His signature red-hot Merle Travis picking style is why he is regarded as a rockabilly/roots guitar genius”

Kerry Hock, The Stars of Texas Magazine


“Harvey’s exquisite guitar alternates from fantastical flurries staking a claim to be the fastest guitarist in the feckless west to deftly delicate and debonair with wild edges tough as buckskin”

Stu Gibson, Sleazegrinder Magazine


"Danny B. Harvey's dynamic electric guitar, veers from crisp, Merle Travis-style finger-picking to hot rockabilly runs.”

Nick Cristiano, Philadelphia Inquirer


“Danny thrills the crowd with his Merle Travis meets Cliff Gallup finger picking style”

Mike Molenda, Guitar Player Magazine


“Harvey, is a Merle Travis protégé who lays down the saddest, spookiest and twangiest licks...” 

John Roos, OC Weekly Magazine